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demonstrators have chained themselves to the ledge of that building up there. joe vazquez in front of wheeler hall with the latest. joe? >> reporter: allen, we have a new development within the last few minutes. the police came out and declared this to be an unlawful assembly and as such they ordered the crowd to disperse, to go home. they are not going anywhere right now and take a look up there on the fourth floor just outside the fourth floor of wheeler hall that's the center of attention. eight protestors literally out on a ledge. they are chained to each other and to some degree they are fastened to this building. they put out a banner there and it says "our university." what they are protesting is they say, you know what, they are tired of all the budget cuts to the university of california system. they are also upset about layoffs. now, they held a state wide protest yesterday here on campus. that was part of that big protest. but the drizzling caused that
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one to frizzle. 17 of their fellow protestors were arrested late last night. today's demonstration is partly fueled by the anger of the arrests, partly trying to get support. how long will they be up there? it is not clear right now. >> but i know that they are in it for the long run. they are very committed. so they made their demands and then we will go from there. >> like a good message. but i'm just not sure what exactly is going to be achieved by protesting like this, showing the students are not happy. what actual achievements will there be? >> reporter: the protestors lowered a rope where their friends on the ground are giving them supplies. up on the roof also, up close, monitoring the protests, police and fire department personnel. they say they are deeply concerned about the safety of these demonstrators. the protest leaders on the ground tell us they are also worried for their colleagues'
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safety so they are urging the police not to go on the offensive. remember, last summer an independent report came back about a similar takeover of wheeler hall. that's two years ago now. in fact, they accuse the police, this independent group that did the report, they accused the police are exacerbating the problem. of actually making things worse. you have to wonder now, allen, if they declare this an unlawful protest and are now ordering the crowd to disperse. will they go on the offensive and if so could it cause problems for those kids on the ledge? >> joe vazquez, we will leave you there and will be getting back to you within the hour in this newscast for the latest update. thank you so much. keeping the state's $26 billion budget mess in mind, quick question. how much should we be spending on a single computer system and should employees that make six
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figures be getting ipads. grace lee with numbers that are truly out of this world. >> reporter: did you get a bill for 52 rooms at the holiday inn at san francisco? you should have because you paid for it. >> a two day info-merckial. >> reporter: a number of judges are not happy about it saying it was a blatant waste of money. >> that could have been conducted over the internet at a greatly reduced cost to ultimately the taxpayers. >> reporter: taxpayers also footed the bill to fly court administrators from all over the state to the bay area. how much for the rooms and flights? it cost at least $13,000 according to state expense records. here is a bitter irony. the conference was held to discuss the court's computer system. the same one that is projected to be more than 1.5 billion overbudget. in a february report from the state auditor, the central
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database was estimated to cost $260 million. but by january of 2010, that amount had jumped to 1.9 billion. >> for the price that they put on this computer system you could buy a space shuttle. >> reporter: and that's no exaggeration. nasa says it spent 1.7 billion on endeavour. 200 million less than the court computer system that is still not fully operational. so why spend the extra money on hosting an event instead of teleconferencing it? >> with the number of people we have involved. our executive committee. three subcommittees. over 60 people are involved in that. >> reporter: even with all those mounting costs the court administrators just bought 14 souped up ipads at about a grand a piece. >> we think that is let them eat cake moment. >> they make over $100,000, some over $200,000 a year and
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we are handing out ipads as if they need them. they don't. >> i don't know how it qualifies as excessive spending. we could use legal pads and pencils as well but it is far more efficient to use the technology we have available to do the job we are supposed to be doing. >> reporter: so just how efficient is the administrative office of the courts? that 1.9 billion computer system was supposed to be ready two years ago. now, looks like it won't be ready until 2015. in san francisco, grace lee, cbs5. a high tech approach to solving a high tech crime in the bay area. and the search is on for more than a dozen heavily armed masked men involved in a carefully orchestrated heist of a fremont tech company. mark sayre with more on the story. >> reporter: crime tape is still visible at the area where authorities believe the robbery spree began but the hole in the fence where the 12 to 15-masked men carrying guns entered the property has now been repaired.
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in an earlier interview fremont police said this crime spree was very well organized and very targeted. >> about a dozen suspects all dressed in black and masked up entered the business in a takeover-style robbery. they were heavily armed and they stole an undisclosed amount of integrated circuits. >> reporter: fremont police will confirm they have asked the silicon valley high crime task force to take over investigation of this case. it is one of five teams around california which focuses solely on computer-related crimes. the silicon valley team is led by the santa clara county district attorney's office and includes 17 local, state and federal agencies. every investigator is either a california peace officer or a federal agent and the team has authority to conduct investigations across state and international boundaries.
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a spokesperson has confirmed they have received a request from the police department but will not confirm whether their agency is currently investigating this case. mark sayre, cbs5 reporting. and quickly back to our top story. this is uc-berkeley wheeler hall where eight protestors are up on the ledge. they are up on the fourth floor actually. they chained themselves there. >> reporter: a confrontation is taking place. >> that is the voice of joe vazquez who is covering the story. the protestors have been given notice and people out in front of wheeler hall have been given notice this is an unlawful assembly. the police are in riot gear and they are prepared to move the protestors. those that gathered out in front of wheeler hall they will move them away. the protestors as i say are up on the fourth floor on a ledge protesting the arrests that happened yesterday at berkeley as well as the spending cuts and layoffs that have happened
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on campus but joe told us about 10 minutes ago police declared this an unlawful assembly and you can see them moving in, moving the crowd away, moving the news media out away from in front of wheeler hall and joe vazquez is covering the story. as soon as he can get the details on what is going on. doesn't look like arrests are happening but you can definitely see they are trying to move the crowd away from the front of wheeler hall which has been closed down for most of the day today because of what has been going on. so as i say, joe is there and we will get a live update from him as we can see police now actually physically moving the crowd away from in front of wheeler hall on uc-berkeley. we will keep tabs on it and bring the updates. in other news in the east bay today police arrested a man they say opened fire during a burglary investigation. berkeley officers were about to enter a house in west oakland to serve a search warrant when someone bolted out of that home. they say the man jumped a fence, pulled out a gun and fired a shot into the air.
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nobody was hurt. oakland police arrested the man a short time later. officers also arrested a second man inside the home on an unrelated charge. police are confirming today a body found in a woman's backyard last month is her missing husband. dale smith hasn't been seen since september. investigators found his body 4 feet under a recently built barbecue on february 23rd. they are still working on the cause of death. police consider smith's wife evelyn a person of interest. and the alameda county sheriff wants the public to be aware of this escaped convict. investigators say that ishmael cesda walked out of the santa rita jail in dublin friday night. he was in jail for auto theft and pursuit charges. sparked controversy from
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the very moment it was mentioned. photographing every car's license plate as it exits orienters the city. simon perez is in tiburon with more. >> reporter: we are here home to multimillion dollar views and home to multimillion dollar views. there is lots to plate. the license plate cameras apparently are making burglars think twice. >> reporter: every car that comes to and every car that leaves tiburon is on camera. property crimes have dropped over the last two years by 38%. >> they are like anybody. they assess risk to some extent and if they know that you have cameras and there is a likelihood they will be on them they will go some place else. >> reporter: so far the information provided by the cameras has led to the arrests of three people. >> we had an arrest yesterday of a stolen car out of san francisco. that's our first stolen.
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we have gotten a number of hits on lost or stolen license plates. >> reporter: these are the cameras on paradise drive the others on tiburon boulevard. the only two roads off and onto tiburon. they cross-reference license numbers to a database of stolen cars and cars wanted in amber alerts. >> there i am. this shows me coming in inbound at 1:02, outbound at 11:58. this shows all the times that i have been in and out. >> there is nothing wrong with that. that is okay. because if we are a citizen that doesn't do anything and uphold the law then what's the problem? >> it is kind of like a police stated. they caught three people. is it worth it for all the trouble? >> i occasionally get a complaint but i usually get one when somebody puts us on the paper or on t.v. >> you're welcome.
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>> thank you. >> reporter: he says the information is stored for 30 days and then erased. a lot of complaints have to do with privacy. the argument the police department makes is you don't really have privacy out on a public street, allen, because anybody, police department or otherwise, could easily take a picture of your license plate even with the cell phone. >> absolutely. all right, simon perez in tiburon. thank you. it was never the most dignified way to pass but it work. why one bay area school system may do away with d. a new solution for an old problem. how doctors think they can actually zap away your headache. and back to uc-berkeley where police in riot gear there have now formed a line in front of wheeler hall. they have declared this an unlawful assembly and looks like they are prepared to move the crowds away. we will have a live report, update on this in just a few minutes. we will be right back. (announcer) roundup extended control is
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we are going back to berkeley now and joe vazquez. joe? >> reporter: dana, just a few minutes ago we watched as several dozen police officers in riot gear stormed past the group outside of the front of wheeler hall then took over most of the front of the building here. remember, a few minutes before 6:00 p.m. they issued an order saying this is an unlawful assembly. it is unsafe. you must disperse. this is the result of that. now, the students appear to have a corner of the front of the building but they are surrounded by police officers. remember, this is because about nine protestors took over the top floor of wheeler hall, a ledge they are shifting on,
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chained together. one of those protestors was arrested. we will keep you updated at the developments here. at this point we have not heard of any arrests yet but the police definitely took back over the front of wheeler hall. >> all right. joe vazquez keeping an eye on that in berkeley for us. thank you. and in other news tonight, a, b, c, f? the san mateo high school district is thinking about dropping the letter d from its grading scale. as mike sugerman explains school officials think it will help students in the long run. >> i'm going to graduate. >> reporter: in the movies as in life, d is a passing grade. barely passing but passing. >> a d grade doesn't represent the quality of learning that students need to go forward in life. >> reporter: so san mateo high school, like a handful of other districts around the nation, are talking about getting rid of the d grade. >> at a time where the federal
6:17 pm
government, the state government, everybody in society is saying we need to get students to proficient. a d is far below proficient. >> reporter: school board member peter hanley said you either have a grasp of the subject or you don't. if you don't get a c you should fail. >> there are a number of students that look at what's the minimum i need to do to get through this course. and i think they are a lot of students who if there was no d grade, instead of getting a d they would get a c because that's the minimum they need to get through the course. >> they get a d grade, they are not -- it is telling us they are not prepared. they are really not truly prepared to go on to the next level. >> reporter: teaching spanish at san mateo high school. students can't move on in spanish with a d. >> not all of our kids are college bound and i'm thinking that getting rid of the d grade is sort of masking the fact that, yeah, a lot of our kids are not planning on going to college. >> reporter: a d gets you credit to graduate but doesn't
6:18 pm
count for college. without a d there could be more kids repeating classes. >> there are a lot of kids who are just getting started with really using their thought processes, really being academic and it is tough for some of them to really get started with that. and the d keeps them in the game. >> ever get a d? >> once. >> reporter: and it made this freshman work harder. >> i got a chance to talk to my teacher to see if i could raise it back up. i did. i got it back up to an a. >> an a? >> yes, an a. >> reporter: it is not a story chris farley would tell. mike sugerman, cbs5. if you suffer from chronic headaches a new approach allows you to zap them away. dr. kim mulvihill explains. >> reporter: 30-year-old kerry preston is all smiles saying a tingling feeling in her head has replaced excruciating headache pain that almost ruined her life.
6:19 pm
>> just shooting, throbbing, stabbing type pain. >> reporter: for years kerry suffered with cluster migraine headaches that often got so bad she had to be hospitalized to get i.v. medication. it would temporarily ease the pain but nothing really worked. desperate kerry turned to a neurosurgeon. >> it has a chip inside. a pace maker device. >> reporter: it targets nerves in the brain and requires surgery with general anesthesia. it is connected to a wire that is internallally threaded just under the skin into her forehead where electrical impulses are delivered. >> we are actually preventing the way the nerves should be working. we are actually inhibiting the nerves. >> reporter: tricking nerves in the brain so pain is no longer felt. >> it has been amazing. i couldn't say enough wonderful things about it. >> reporter: she has had the pace maker for two years. the headaches aren't totally cured. the pace maker is charged with a battery every two weeks and
6:20 pm
kerry has become a legend among their friends. >> she look at me like i'm a bionic person now. >> reporter: she is in graduate school back to her busy life and enjoying the piano again. >> definitely had a tremendous impact on my life. >> reporter: the pace maker can be adjusted or turned off completely and removed and it is covered by some types of insurance coverage. >> amazing. >> pretty aggressive. very drastic. >> she loves it. she has her life back. >> that's great, kim. thank you. all right. roberta, we will see what you have for us. >> can you see the plume of smoke in the cbs5 weather center? i'm trying to look through it because every single computer is operating here. at least eight different computer models just so we can have an accurate weather forecast for your weekend. live cbs5 weather camera high in the sky above chopper 5.
6:21 pm
scanning the skies. and if you look at the distance we actually have some fog that has been developing along the immediate sea shore. it will stay there with an exception right around sunrise tomorrow morning and we will have inland fog as well but look at the dramatic scene on a day in which we had 57 degrees. mid-50s in san francisco. and also in oakland. san jose in the upper 50s. tonight, looks like overnight our temperatures will drop down to 30 but if you are out and about we still have that isolated scattered showers still possible. san rafael today in the past 12 hours alone has picked up another inch of rain. otherwise 36 overnight in santa rosa. 43 in san jose. we do have that shower possible tonight as we have a lot of instability with the passage of this area of low pressure but meanwhile that out there, boy, computer models have been waiverring on the timing of the system. i've got that seven-day forecast ironed out but if you are traveling to the high sierra make sure you have the
6:22 pm
chains. snow back in the forecast saturday and sunday. so we are going to call it partly cloudy tomorrow. lots of sunshine. with a few clouds floating overhead. temperatures all the way up to about 67 degrees. otherwise, the rain arrives in the north bay by saturday night. everybody is wet on sunday. a chance of a lingering system or shower on monday. otherwise sunshine wednesday, thursday. >> thank you so much, roberta. whatever happened to lombardi springs. we will have that in 2 minutes.
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,, [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind shouldn't be hard work or cost more money. now there's simple nutrition,
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only at safeway. green tags throughout the store call out what matters most to you. ♪ there are 22 different nutritional benefits highlighted. ♪ and with our low prices, now safeway makes bringing home the right choices easier than ever. that's simple nutrition. ♪ that's ingredients for life. safeway. loralee underhill wants to know: what happened to lomardi springs on highway 92? ken bastida has it used to bring this people from miles and miles around. laura lee wants to know what happened to lombardi springs on highway 92. ken bastida has tonight's good question. >> reporter: every day hundreds of motorists pass by, most hardly notice the metal pipe that used to draw thousands of people to this spot every year. >> i think most anybody that
6:25 pm
every traveled route 92 noticed that there was a place that people stopped to get water. >> reporter: this historian remembers the turnout that everybody called lombardi springs named after the highway workman who discovered it. >> people would pull over on the two-lane highway and get the water jugs out of the trunk of their car and stop and draw water from this pipe. >> reporter: weekends would produce long lines of cars waiting to fill up because many believed the water was special. >> lombardi springs. the water that came out of that pipe was the best water that you could possibly get. pure and the most flavorful. >> reporter: the spring delivered cool, clearwater for decades. until 1997 when the state decided it needed to widen highway 92. the pipe was shut off. the spring diverted and never reopened. the traffic was a problem. test results showed the water
6:26 pm
had traces of e. coli bacteria. >> in this modern world of ours people start getting concerned about germs. i never heard of anybody getting sick on lombardi's delicious water. >> reporter: go to click on connect to send me your good question. pg&e saying it will make major safety upgrades but who pays. what people that live near pipelines should look for in the mail. >> the u.s. oil prices are usually low compared to the rest of the world. >> a lot of people complaining but then there is the real story behind the numbers. what is really making california gas prices tick upwards. >> there is a long list of people that have gotten into that goal of the accumulation of wealth and went,wow, this didn't work. >> he walked away from it all. the hollywood director who opted for life in a trailer park. tonight he gets another look. ,,,,
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thousands of pg&e customers can expect new safety information from the utility. that's what happened in washington today as safety investigators wrapped up three days of hearings on the san
6:30 pm
bruno pipeline disaster. but len ramirez reports neighbors say that a lot of their questions remain unanswered. >> none of us knew that we were sitting on this time bomb here. >> reporter: marilyn has been living the san bruno pipeline disaster from the moment it blew down the street from her home and has been following the ntsb inquiry which she calls enlightening but not satisfying. >> which questions have not been answered to your satisfaction? >> who is responsible. they keep pointing fingers and passing the buck. who is responsible for this? who should have been watching out for these lines underneath a residential area. >> reporter: but the hearings have prompted pg&e to make major changes, the utility announcing it will be sending specific safety information to anyone in the service area that lives within 2000 feet of a pipeline and pg&e will begin installing those automatic and remote control pipelines starting in san mateo county. >> this is exactly the type of
6:31 pm
progress we could hope for in a public hearing like this. we have parties to the hearing who come to the table. they are willing to discuss what's going on. share information with us. and actually take something away and modify their procedures. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie spiers says it is about time. >> they have had fall back to come up with clever little surveys that really tell us nothing. people need to be informed. safety steps need to be taken and i think that's what this is really all about. >> reporter: but left out of the discussion so far is who will pay for what neighbors consider basic safety upgrades. >> what worries me is we are all going to have to pay for it. >> you and me and all my neighbors and everybody else in the world because now they want to pass it on to the consumer. that's not right either. >> reporter: today's hearing focused on the latest technology for testing pipelines. at one point an industry analyst referred to the
6:32 pm
possible defects on the san bruno pipeline as an anomaly prompting a strongly worded response from san bruno's city manager. >> i'm confident that the citizens of san bruno would find this very difficult conclusion to accept if only because it could diminish the urgency with which the various issues under discussion these last three days are fully addressed. >> pg&e estimates the costs of upgrading the valves at 100,000 to 1.5 million per valve. you multiply that by about 300 manual valves that need to be upgraded and dana we are talking about very costly progress. they will seek to recover the costs through the regulatory process meaning through the rate pairs but you can imagine a lot of people especially the consumer groups will be fighting against that. >> interesting in these hearings they talk to a lot of people but they didn't talk to any of the neighbors who went through this terror. >> they talked to the first respondsers, pg&e, they talked
6:33 pm
to a lot of people in the industry, but as you mentioned they didn't get that personal information right from the people who had to live through that. fortunately in the bay area we can go down and talk to them. >> len, thank you. high price of gasoline has folks all across the country fuming and of course we know prices here in the bay area, some of the highest in the country. so that prompted a consumer question from one of our viewers and on the consumerwatch julie watts with the answer. >> keeps picking up and picking up. and kind of hard to bear but you've got to gas. >> reporter: from 3.83 to 4.05 drivers say there is nothing regular about these pumped up prices. >> i remember at $2 saying i'm not paying more than that and $3 i'm not paying any more than that. i don't know if there is a ceiling to this for the american public. >> reporter: according to the energy institute, there is not. >> u.s. oil prices are unusually low compared to the rest of the world.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: he says nationally we are $13 a barrel below the rest of the world and are likely to catch up. >> pushes up prices at the pump about 25 cents a gallon. >> reporter: nationwide gas prices are being impacted by the conflict in libya and 80% jump in the price of corn. ethanol, the gas additive. while that was pushing the national average to 3.43 in gallon in california it is a different story. we are the highest in the country. at 3.87 the bay area prices are even higher. the high prices prompted george from walnut creek to ask this consumer question, why are we paying such high gas prices? we have our own refineries. they say you can thank the special california blend for that. our gas due to state standards can only be produced at a limited number of refineries and this year the bay area's refinery was shut down for the better part of two months. but whatever the explanation
6:35 pm
folks filling up are fed up with gas. >> we really need to start focusing with finding alternate sources of fuel. >> reporter: he also points out the gas prices increases are common this time of year as refineries are ramping up to make their summer blend. >> the summer blend. >> julie, thank you. facing a $30 million budget shortfall cal-trans declaring a fiscal emergency making it easier to increase fares or reduce services. controversial proposal is shutting down service at seven bay area stations. a decision is expected by april 7th with the changes going into effect july 2nd. concurred hollywood, struck it rich then a twist in the pot. >> there is nothing that you can buy do to buy that kind of happiness. i'm dennis o'donnell. if there is an nfl lockout, who
6:36 pm
would the 49er quarterback be? >> i'm cheering for a lockout right now then i can be a scab player. >> he would be the man. coming up. ,,,, [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed.
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they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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we have been keeping an eye on the protests in berkeley at wheeler hall. we go live to joe vazquez for latest now. joe. >> reporter: dana, the situation is getting a little more dramatic and tense. you can see right behind me these are front steps of wheeler hall. at the top of the hour as we showed you at 6:00 p.m., this entire front step was taken over by protestors. now the police about 5 minutes afterwards advanced on the crowd throwing pepper spray into the crowd. and pushing the crowd back to what is the west corner of the steps. now, a few minutes ago, the same lieutenant who ordered the crowd to disperse earlier came
6:39 pm
back out and issued another dispersal order telling them this is an unlawful assembly. we have seen police officers inch closer and closer to these demonstrators. it is not clear what the plan is. i talked to one lieutenant as he was walking away mumbling i said what are you going to do? what's the plan? and he said wait. but it does not look like that's what police are doing. looks like they are taking an offensive approach. meanwhile, this has become the main act. the side show is up four stories above where eight protestors still are out on that ledge where they have been since about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. they have some food. they have some drink up there. they have become quiet as the police have moved in. and everyone is waiting to see what is going to happen next as these police officers clearly are trying to get back wheeler hall from these protestors, dana. >> joe, keep an eye on that for us. you mentioned that they did pepper spray them. there doesn't seem to be any
6:40 pm
further plans from the crowd beyond what is going on right now. have you talked to anybody? are there organizers of this? >> reporter: some of the same ones we have seen over the last couple years. one woman who i covered in a protest last year in oakland. same thing. aggressively they are trying to get uc to address their demands. the same group is out here again today. and when we went into the crowd we could see people dabbing their eyes from the pepper spray. some people say they were pushed and kicked by the police. i'm not sure what they actually felt, batons or what, but they were being dispersed. >> thank you. in tonight's another look we ask if you had more money than you knew what to do with it, what would you do with it. how many of you say you would give it away. it is what a hollywood director is doing but not without giving
6:41 pm
his life another look. >> reporter: a movie producer. a 17,000 square foot mansion, swimming pool, movie stars. then september 2007 he took a nasty fall and his life took a dramatic turn. >> when i didn't think i was going to make it i didn't think i was going to survive and i thought if i had one more chapter of my life, what would i do and i wanted to make this film. >> reporter: five months later he decided to give it all away. sell the mansion. move into a trailer and make a film. an entirely different film that showed more is not more. >> there is a long list of people, myself included, you git to that goal of accumulation of wealth and went wow, this didn't work. it is outside of you. there is nothing you can buy that can bring you that kind of happiness. it has to come from inside. >> reporter: which some might say sounds fine if you're a multimillionaire. a point brought up during a screening of his documentary "i
6:42 pm
am" in san francisco. >> you really do get it by giving. you receive by giving. >> you make a difference with your energy every moment. you are changing the world every moment. >> reporter: so really, a movie about it? >> the movie is ultimately about the power that the individual has. >> reporter: took him a year and a half to sit down and interview the deep thinkers like david suzuki and others and find out what's wrong with the world and what can be done with it but along the way he says he found out what's right about the world. >> what i uncovered about the human heart and studies and possibilities that would explain intuition, that would explain our connection, our emotional connections, our spiritual connections, the heart being the pathway to the divine blew us all away. >> reporter: the trailer park he lives in, it is in malibu but only a fraction of the cost of his mansion.
6:43 pm
>> he is going to work for the director's guild. the money he doesn't need to live on will go to a foundation and he will give it away. send an e-mail to looking ahead to this weekend. it is going to rain. your pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. try our new, fresh salmon at sizzler.
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you've got a smile on. funny smile. something up your sleeve? >> i think it is because i went swimming today. i went swimming today. i haven't swam in two weeks. >> no wonder. >> it was too cold. >> well, that makes sense. >> don't blame you. >> i went swimming today. and it is all good. we had such a day today. in fact, we had a lot of sunshine and up to 69 degrees. san rafael in the past 12 hours picked up yet another full inch of rain. and tonight we still have an isolated scattered shower. got a dumping like a cloud rolled over and there it went.
6:47 pm
boom. >> 67. >> keeping that isolated shower in the forecast tonight with the instability of the passage of yesterday's front. otherwise puffy clouds still lingering around the bay and we have fog developing along the coast. haven't seen that in quite some time. now, tonight overnight. partly cloudy for the most part. low 40s across the santa clara valley. mid-40s around the central bay. passage of low pressure caused instability in the air mass and that's why you could get a scattered shower. we had one over the santa cruz mountains awhile ago. see that. brand-new area of low pressure that promises to put a dent in our weekend but meanwhile friday it is a get away friday. mid-60s in throughout the interior section of the state. 63 degrees in monterey. 47 in the high sierra. carry the chains. you'll need them for the trip home sunday. big deal going on this weekend as well for special olympics. so for all of you heading on out for that charity event make sure you have the change.
6:48 pm
now, tomorrow we are talking about bright sunshine with a few passing clouds. otherwise, number wise into the mid and high 60s in our inland areas. winds out of the northwest flat at 5 miles per hour. so here we go. we will have a decent day on saturday until we thicken up the clouds and roll them in beginning in the north bay gradually sliding to the south. rain arriving saturday night in the north bay. everybody is wet on sunday. there is a chance of a lingering shower on monday otherwise partly cloudy conditions by tuesday and then we will see bright sunshine and dry weather on wednesday and thursday of next week. these are some beautiful clouds. don't you guys agree over there? >> beautiful. >> one more time, what were they? >> beautiful. >> look at those clouds. oh, my. >> pleasanton today. these were the clouds that dumped rain in the san rafael area marching over to the east
6:49 pm
bay. we want you to keep your photos coming. what are they? >> beautiful clouds. >> thank you, guys. >> peanut gallery. some funky floor mats, bad brakes, bad wiring. you may think you've heard every reason for a car recall. we have a new one. spiders. why it has pushed one company to issue a recall. longest home run of the cactus club. i'm dennis o'donnell. will they prevent a work stoppage next? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
players union came up with a 24 hour extension on the 9pm deadline to negotiate a new collective bar the nfl and players' union came up with a 24-hour extension on the 9:00 p.m. deadline to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement. now, you can cross the president off the list of people who planned to help resolve the dispute. >> people are having to cut back, compromise and worry about making the mortgage for an industry that is making $9 billion a year in revenue. they can figure out how to
6:53 pm
divide it up. my expectation and hope is they will resolve it without me intervening because it turns out i've got a lot of other stuff to do. >> you think? the nfl and players' union aren't the only ones miles apart. robert gallery will not return to the raiders because he wants $8 million a year. the team is offering 2.5 million. they are farther apart than cbs and charlie sheen. according to tmz russell is set to lose the mansion he bought in oakland when he was drafted by the raiders. the website apparently obtained foreclosure documents that say the quarterback has nearly $200,000 in back mortgage payments. the house will apparently be foreclosed if russell doesn't come up with the money in three months. by now get the purple drink on the bathroom shelf. the way things are going it is anybody's guess that the nfl will have a season at all. perfect timing for the san jose
6:54 pm
sabre cats who are back with their star quarterback. >> i'm cheering for a lockout right now and then i can be a scab player. >> reporter: the 36-year-old man will never set foot on an nfl field but he has got a football resume that would make any player jealous. >> the intended receiver. >> reporter: he was at the top of his game with the san jose sabre cats when the afl shut down following the 2008 season. >> i was devastated because i didn't really see it coming back. imagine you're a sportscaster and they say, well, not only will we shut down channel 5 but we are going to shut down all sports stations and we are not covering it any more. find another job. >> reporter: and that's just what he did. he became a high school biology teacher in irvine. >> somebody would find a clip of me on youtube or something and so then they would come up, did you know mr. green plays
6:55 pm
football. give you some street things for a week or so then it kind of wears off. if your lesson sucks it doesn't matter who you are. >> reporter: while he is glad to be back on the field, he is critical of the arena leagues new modest business model. long gone on the league's glamor owners. >> we have moved on past bon jovi. the fame crowd have moved on and now it is just the people that really love the game and want to be here. and i say that maybe with a little bit of bitterness because some of those guys helped fold the league in the first place. >> reporter: they plan on remaining in san jose for the long-term. as for their veteran quarterback -- >> it is well documented by brett favre, you take it on a year-to-year basis. hopefully i don't do as much flip-flopping as him. >> reporter: you don't think they will take away sports, do you? >> no, of course not, dennis. >> of course not. >> thank you.
6:56 pm
>> sweating it. sabre cats first game is march 11 at hp pavilion. matt cain was scratched from this afternoon's start as a precaution after an mri revealed right elbow inflammation. cain to reporters don't panic. giants in colorado. cameraman with a little headache today. watch buster posey's ball landing 450 feet away from it. breaking into the big leagues with the giants 11 years ago. now he is trying to make it back to the majors for the first time since 2006. he goes three hitless innings as the giants beat the rockies 7-5. the as signed josh willingham to add power to the middle of their lineup. this is what they had in mind. as jumped out to a 7-0 lead. willingham with a three-base hit. time now for our ronald reagan impersonator of the day.
6:57 pm
>> tear down this wall. every politician dreams that. >> the food machinery corporation building in san jose was demolished along with the refridgator inside it. the 82-year-old building was destroyed to make room for the san jose earthquakes new $60 million, 15,000-seat soccer stadium. if all goes planned the stadium would open in 2012. that's pretty quick. >> nice. >> i say you call it the ice house. right? and you change the name to the ice cube. like it? >> no. >> no? i'm taking suggestions. help me out. >> that question he just asked about whether there will be sports here -- >> that may have seized the deal. >> keep that up. >> we will be right back. >> at 11:00 p.m. maybe. >> 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: a. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
6:58 pm
call or click today. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs... and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do.
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